Novels for adults

Goddess is the story of the real seventeenth-century French swordswoman and opera star Mademoiselle de Maupin (Julie d’Aubigny).

It is published by Fourth Estate.


Novels for young adults

Act of Faith is a book about books, about freedom and ideas – about a young woman who faces the most dangerous and powerful force in seventeenth century Europe: the Inquisition.
You can read all about Act of Faith here.

Its sequel is The Sultan’s Eyes, which continues the story of Isabella Hawkins and her friends as they flee persecution by the Inquisition and escape to the fabled city of Constantinople, ruled by a seven year-old Sultan.

The books are published by HarperCollins in Australia and New Zealand and now available in the US.

Novels for young readers

Book cover 19171917 is part of Scholastic’s Australia’s Great War series. It tells
the twin stories of a young pilot on the Western Front, and his sister’s life in Melbourne during the divisive conscription campaigns and Great Strike of the ‘worst year of the war’: 1917. (February 2017)


The ‘Swashbuckler’ historical adventure trilogy for young readers is published by HarperCollins. It is the story of Lily Swann, who is kidnapped by pirates and finds herself caught up in some of the most dramatic events in the history of the Mediterranean Sea.

Read more about the three Swashbuckler! books.

They are now available as ebooks via the usual outlets.

Picture books

My first picture book is Billabong Bill’s Bushfire Christmas, illustrated by Jobi Murphy. You can read more about it here.

Header photo: The Library at Ephesus, Turkey, 2004

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