‘Scenes sparkle with period details and sensory impressions: all spectacle and shimmer, all gesture and pose, Baroque mask and mirror and role-play. Gardiner does this very well.

And her goddess fascinates.’

– Nancy Kline in the New York Times

‘I wholeheartedly recommend this book as the most exquisitely rendered historical novel I have read in years.’

Historical Novel Society

‘An engaging and skilfully told tale of a singular character.’

– Kerryn Goldsworthy in Sydney Morning Herald/The Age

‘Witty, intelligent and wry.’

– Author Kate Forsyth

The Sultan’s Eyes

‘Gardiner’s second book for Isabella ends exactly the way I wanted it to – full of wide, open spaces and endless possibility – which is just what I had hoped for my favourite Adventurer & Philosopher. We’d been with her through the fear and heartache of ‘Act of Faith’, and in ‘The Sultan’s Eyes’ we see what those trying years have moulded her into – this brave and cunning young woman who is loyal to a fault and exactly the kind of heroine I want all girls to be reading.’


‘This is the way I think historical fiction should be written.’

– Author Rosanne Hawke

Act of Faith
‘It reads like a boys’ own adventure with an enjoyably feminist twist. Melbourne writer Kelly Gardiner is to be congratulated for writing a thoroughly researched page-turner.’
Sunday Telegraph & Herald Sun

Read more reviews of Act of Faith here.

Swashbuckler trilogy
‘This exciting pirate adventure … introduces a fiesty young heroine called Lily Swann… Ocean Without End is a rollicking, action packed yarn sure to captivate young readers.’
New Zealand Herald

Cover of Ocean Without End

‘All the romance of the exotic, in the great Victorian tradition of swashbuckling adventure, is here writ large… There must still be room in a curriculum where often literature is bent to pedagogic and ideological ends, to revel in an adventure of ‘otherness’, to weave a tale about an exotic past replete with characters both eccentric and mysterious.’
–  Talespinner(NZ)/Reading Time (Aust)

Billabong Bill’s Bushfire Christmas
‘A Christmas book with a difference, Billabong Bill is written in spare, straightforward prose with a nice, laconic Australian edge.
Jobi Murphy’s arresting design and distinctive blackline illustrations, as well as some entertaining little visual touches, raise this book well above the ordinary.’
Adelaide Advertiser

Cover of Billabong Bill's Bushfire Christmas

‘A great Aussie bush version of Christmas. A cracking story, bold illustration and a feel-good ending makes this a great gift for someone interested in an Aussie kind of Christmas tale.’
– Junior Magazine

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