Phoenix – Firewatcher #2

Book two in The Firewatcher Chronicles is Phoenix.

It continues the adventures of Christopher Larkham during the Blitz in London.

May 1941.

The German bombing campaign is reaching its fiery climax, and Christopher and the firewatchers battle against the flames and huge bombs through the worst night of the Blitz.

Christopher tries to go back to 1666; to find his new friends and learn more about the power of his phoenix ring.

Instead, he finds himself in a deserted city, overlooking a smaller, older river port town known as Lundenwic, where the Anglo-Saxon community faces an invasion by the dreaded Vikings.

Christopher must discover why the ring has brought him here, and how to get back to his own time. But there are Viking ships on the Thames, and their warriors threaten to burn the city and conquer the whole of England.

Phoenix is out now.

It’s available from bookstores in Australia and New Zealand.

Phoenix cover


Readers will be holding their breath as Christopher plays the part of Loki the trickster in an effort to stay alive. The humour of the dialogue will bring smiles to readers’ faces as he tries to joke his way out of danger… This is a very exciting middle grade series that is carefully researched, and Christopher’s thrilling adventures will keep the reader totally engrossed. I can’t wait for the next in the series.


Gardiner infuses this story with humour, while teaching readers about history by dropping them into the middle of conflicts with Kit. Kit is utterly charming, and the humour that flows from him even during tense scenes is effortless – I really admired Gardiner’s skill with that. I also enjoyed that Gardiner wove a tale that tells readers about the women in history they would not normally necessarily know and that Kit has no qualms accepting these women in the roles that Gardiner has cast them.

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