Vigil – Firewatcher #3

The third book in The Firewatcher Chronicles is Vigil.

June 1944.

The war is finally turning against Hitler, but he has one last secret weapon: flying bombs, sent to destroy the City of London. Among the bomb blasts, Christopher must solve the riddle of the phoenix ring. He journeys back to its source: early Roman Londinium, now surrounded on all sides by the armies of the British queen, Boudica.

With help from a slave girl, Fortunata, Christopher learns the secrets of the ancient Roman fire-watchers, the Vigiles: but unknown to him, a sinister figure from 1666 has followed him through time. To foil a sinister plot, Christopher races across the centuries, to a rebuilt 17th century London, and a newly peaceful Lundenburg, until he and his friends finally untangle the truth.

Vigil is out now in Australia and New Zealand. Stay tuned for news on other countries.

Three new book covers

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