Historical research

As an historical novelist, I spend many months researching each project.

You can find out about fiction projects I’m working on right now under Work in progress.

And my major nonfiction projects include Sisterhood.

Here are some of my tips on research for writers.

Academic research and publishing

I teach creative writing and my research interests reflect my own writing and reading: gender in fiction, young adult and children’s literature, travel narrative, historical fiction and life writing, particularly biofiction.

Many of my articles and conference papers are on

My PhD project, undertaken at La Trobe University, was Tragédie. It comprised a novel based on the life of Mademoiselle de Maupin (published as Goddess) and a thesis around questions of narrative voice in historical fiction and my research into this remarkable woman.

Read more about Mademoiselle de Maupin and my work.

My Masters thesis (undertaken at Deakin University) was Poetry, Politics and Place: Black and White Perspectives on Landscape in Modern Australian Poetry.

It is published in full on Poetry, Politics and Place.

You can read the abstract here.

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