Am I brainy yet?

Perhaps this is another twist on Does my brain look big in this?
Bill Scott-Kerr, publisher of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, has told The Times that the book has an “aspirational” appeal:

There’s an element of reading Da Vinci and being made to feel like a more interesting person.

I guess if you were actually reading the Codex that might be true. I stood and stared at it for hours once (in a museum, of course), and felt infinitely more interesting as a result. I seem to recall it was written back-to-front and in Latin, which might be a splendid idea for Dan Brown’s next blockbuster (a searing and thrilling expose of the secret and previously unknown world of lawn bowls).
But Scott-Kerr also admits he had no idea of the monster he was about to unleash on an unsuspecting world, when a proposal first landed on his desk.

If anyone had said that this was going to be the biggest selling adult book ever, I’d have called for the straitjacket. It’s insane.

Well, it beats me, too. I thought the book was hilarious. Tom Hanks is going to be in the movie, hopefully in his fine A League of Their Own fettle.

What do you think?

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