Mission accomplished

Sitting on the back seat of my car is the final manuscript of the final book in the Swashbuckler! trilogy, all packaged up (with the galleys of the first book) ready to be sent off to HarperCollins.
I sat and stared at the package last night, feeling relieved and anxious, and with a touch of trepidation.
Now I have to focus on something utterly different, write about new people in unfamiliar circumstances, research the intricate details of other places and times.
I’d best go do that then.
Pirates can sail off into the blue beyond.
I wonder if they’ll ever come back?
I read that Lian Hearn is writing two more Tales of the Otori. I can understand the appeal of it. She’s been so completely immersed in Japanese history and culture it would be difficult to wrest one’s mind free of such a compelling imaginative world (although in her other life she’s written about many other worlds). But, at any rate, as one of her many readers I’m very happy that there’ll be more Tales: it didn’t feel quite complete to me.
But perhaps that’s only because I wished it wasn’t over.

What do you think?

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