Book crossings

That new bookcase is full already.
Where do all those books come from?
I don’t know how they get here at all, given that the posties seem to have lost not one but two parcels sent here this month. It’s an emergency. I’m an addict. I must have my parcels. And fast.
Anyway, at least my lovely old set of Encyclopaedia Britannica is now on proper shelves, which only means I spend even more time learning vital things about subjects I never previously considered. I’ve never had a proper encyclopaedia before. It’s terribly exciting. At every opening, there’s a new story idea.
No time for reading.
But I just finished the last few niggling bits and pieces on my new manuscript. I think.
No rest for the wicked. Now it’s on to the next one – on a topic which, you’ll be amazed to learn, I stumbled across in the encyclopaedia.

What do you think?

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