Her Madge celebrates golden age

I may have to rethink my staunch Republican stance, after the Queen threw a garden party at the Palace for a couple of thousand kids and invited everyone from Toad of Toad Hall to JK Rowling along for fairy bread.
You can do that kind of thing when you’re 80. And when you’re the Queen.
“British children’s literature has been for many years an extraordinary success story,” she told the crowd, which sang Happy Birthday to her.
The ABC reports that the biggest reception was given to JK Rowling, who was mobbed by children desperate for an autograph. The stars of the Potter movies were also in attendance.
“I think it is a wonderful idea to celebrate the Queen’s 80th birthday by celebrating children’s literature,” Rowling said. “I really do think it is a golden age at the moment.”

What do you think?

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