3 thoughts on “International theft

  1. Hi Kelly,Remind me—is this Antipodean comradeship, or do you have Aussie heritage? (We got an email at work recently from fabulous NZ writer David Hill, one of regular contributors, saying that in this instance, at least, New Zealanders Are All Australians Now.Anyhoo, I was shattered. I posted an almost identical blog entry as yours(at about 3.30 am Tuesday local time-a mere 24 hours before I came down with a noxious case of diarrhoea—a coincidence? I think not!) but I took it down the next day, fearing I was merely suffering sour grapes. But the condemnation of that decision (and that spectacular performance by Grosso) goes beyond my little misery! (Anthony Lapaglia is one very pissed off Australian of Italian Heritage in today’s Sydney Morning Herald…)Waah!Judith

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