Exiled from Wimbeldon

What the hell kind of country is this, with no live tennis coverage on TV?
You can watch netball in prime time and dog trials at the weekends but not the Tour de France. You can watch two full hours of Coronation Street, but only ten seconds of the women’s final on the news – if you’re lucky.
(Of course, you can pay for it by subscribing to Sky Sport, but then you’d be forking out for year-round rugby union replays interspersed with the odd other sport every so often, when there’s a break in the rugby. Instead, this household subscribes to Sky movies, so that we can watch silly Will Smith movies all afternoon purely out of resentment that there’s no BLOODY TENNIS.)
At least we get the FIFA World Cup.
But I never realised until last weekend’s quarterfinals (at 6am) that there aren’t any ads on TVNZ on Sunday mornings – that’s so Presbyterian. I didn’t realise because I never watch it and you can guess why without me resorting to any more unseemly capital letters.
So if there ever was such as thing as free to air coverage of the world’s greatest sporting events, we wouldn’t miss a second of it.

2 thoughts on “Exiled from Wimbeldon

  1. In Australia, SBS (which scored a massive coup with the World Cup) is showing the Tour de France live from 10:30pm onwards. Each night we get about the last 3 and a half hours live. This is followed the next evening at 6 with a half hour of highlights. It’s getting massive ratings.

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