Happiness is a new book

Well, I’m happy.
Finished this month’s edition of the magazine (early). Got to the good old Women’s Bookshop and finally picked up Jeanette Winterson’s kids’ book, Tanglewreck, and Sarah Waters’ Night Watch, which I can claim is research since I’m now onto writing my second in the WW2/Blitz series.
I growled like a lion so loudly at little girl at the bus stop, I’ve nearly lost my voice. She laughed so much she fell over. I mustn’t have looked very fearsome.
Then went to the library for college-related reasons and they actually had the books I needed (miracle #1) and even allowed me to borrow them (miracle #2) so to celebrate I also got out an old Leon Garfield collection and Sally Gardner’s I Coriander, which I’ve been meaning to read for ages.
Now I have three weeks of blissful writing time stretching ahead of me. Three! (That’s miracle #3.) I’m going to get stuck into my Spanish Inquisition project. Or possibly Vikings.
And in a few hours time I will have finished all my course work – for this week, anyway. I’ll pretend to myself at least for a few days that there isn’t another great brain-sucking time-consuming slab of work lying just ahead.
And there’s a full moon. A harvest moon in winter. A Thomas Hardy moon. I saw it through a high window yesterday morning before I was properly awake. I saw it rise over the sea last night from the ferry.
O wondrous days.
I might just eat chocolate as well. Go crazy.

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