Next please

Right then. Time for some shameless self-promotion.
The Pirate’s Revenge, book two of the Swashbuckler trilogy, is out in Australia and NZ on October 6. For those desperate to know what happens next, here’s the blurb:

Once a pirate slave, Lily Swann is navigator on the Mermaid, running the French blockade of Malta, when she learns her long-lost father may still be alive.
But before she can follow up her discovery, Lily clashes with the vile Captain Diablo, who forces her to show him the way to the famed Golden Grotto. Furious when he is unable to locate its fabled wealth, he abandons her to die in the darkness. As she battles her way out, Lily discovers the true treasure of the grotto, and her silver sword is soon put to the test.
But after another confrontation with Diablo, Lily is cast adrift with her old adversary, Hussein Reis, in a tiny boat without oars, sails, food or water – the pirate’s revenge.

But then what? If you need to know what happens after that, you’ll have to read book three, The Silver Swan.
You can download a larger version of the cover here.

3 thoughts on “Next please

  1. Crazy? You should see mine in the mornings. That’s nothing.Lily’s hair has grown longer while she’s been away and now she has taken it out of her sailor’s plait (to pose for the painting) and it’s flying free in the sea breeze. Also, you might notice, it’s properly red this time, which is exactly how it should be.

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