Book banning – episode #23,977

According to The Daily News (via As If):

The Wilsona School District Board [in California] has approved new library book-selection guidelines in the wake of trustees’ controversial decision to remove 23 books including the latest Harry Potter from a list recommended for a school library.
Books now cannot depict drinking alcohol, smoking, drugs, sex, including “negative sexuality,” implied or explicit nudity, cursing, violent crime or weapons, gambling, foul humour and “dark content.”
“In selected instances, an occasional inappropriate word may be deleted with white-out rather than rejecting the entire book,” the policy said.

How appropriate.
And while next month in NZ we celebrate National Book Month, if you’re in the US you get to enjoy Banned Books Week from September 23.
Sponsored by the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression (ABFFE), the American Library Association, the Association of American Publishers, the American Society of Journalists and Authors, and the National Association of College Stores, Banned Books Week is also endorsed by the Centre for the Books of the Library of Congress.
“Booksellers who celebrate Banned Books Week tell us that it is one of their favorite promotions,” says the ABFFE. I guess you’ve gotta laugh.
Bring on some of that foul humour and dark content.

What do you think?

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