Lately I’ve been…

Geraldine Brook’s The Year of Wonders (she’s my new hero)
Sally Vickers’ Miss Garnet’s Angel (she’s not)
Next up is A C Grayling’s Enlightenment tome, Toward the Light. I’m becoming more of an unreconstructed Enlightenment product the older I get and the madder the world becomes.

The kitten climb the Christmas tree (he’s obsessed)
X-Men 3 (well, I had to find out what happened to Jean Grey)
My bloody virus protection scan screen (for hours – it won’t stop and it won’t go away)

Listening to
Bushfire protection lectures from the local CFA
Possibly also the odd spin of Justin Timberlake

An awful lot of Christmas lunches at work
Lettuce, rocket and peas from my garden – tomatoes by next week

And also
The first reviews of Billabong Bill arrived (they’re posted over here)

What do you think?

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