Old hat

Writers Festival in Melbourne: Bernhard Schlink brilliant last night and Antony Beevor (all hail) on D-Day tonight.
But I do wonder:
1. Where do all those black berets live for the rest of the year?
2. Why, O why, do they let people ask questions? One in five is halfway reasonable – the rest are incoherent, lame, bloody obvious if you had either read the author’s books or listened to a word he or she has just said, or self-serving claptrap. Almost all are impossible to answer. You! Vainglorious moron! Step away from the microphone. Perhaps we could have a seven-second delay button. In my hand.
3. Is there no apostrophe in “writers’ festival” any more?

2 thoughts on “Old hat

  1. Apostrophes can be fun. I suspect it has the sense of "writers" in the adjectival sense rather than the possessive. Depends on whether or not you think the writers own the festival. Hmmm….

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