Things I am utterly over

1. A sudden influx of blog spam
2. Australia Day posturing
3. Caterpillars
4. Celebrity updates masquerading as news (Brangelina? Sure. Corey Worthington? I don’t think so.)
5. “Untold story” revelations about topics on which anybody with half a brain can find a dozen books
6. Hysteria over any mis-steps in reporting climate science: if only other science (say, testing of drugs or pesticides, or perhaps climate change denial claims) were subject to such media scrutiny
7. Unattractive tennis outfits
8. Tony Abbott. Although I can’t think of a time since 1982 when I wasn’t utterly over him
9. Apple product releases masquerading as news
10. The 2010 exercise regime I haven’t even started yet.

What do you think?

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