Sharp as

The view from my reading desk: Joan and Jackie helping through the window.

My next book may have to be The Joy of Pruning.
The love of pruning applies, of course, to both gardening and writing. Today I’ve been doing both.

I feel quite sorry for the cotoneaster, since objectively it’s a pretty little thing – one has orange berries, one has red, both quite lovely at this time of year but, sadly, a pest plant in this area.

I feel less sorry for the spare adverbs and adjectives, not to mention gushes of passive voice – can one gush passively? I suppose not – now cluttering up my laptop memory but no longer, happily, my manuscript.
How they got in there in the first place is beyond me.

Purple hebe and purple prose, all gone in one day.
Perhaps the new title should be 101 Ways With Waste.

What do you think?

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