Lately I’ve been…


  • Swordspoint and The Privilege of the Sword, by Ellen Kushner. Mannerpunk novels with lots of swordfights. Swordspoint, in particular, is delicious. And I get to claim I’m reading them for research, too.
  • Opera, or The Undoing of Women, by Catherine Clément – gorgeous critical writing.
  • The Slap. Finally. And I don’t know why it’s so compelling either, but it just is.
  • Occasional Writings, by Margaret Atwood. I meant to save it for my holiday but couldn’t.

So instead I’m taking to the beach:

  • Timepieces – Drusilla Modjeska on writing
  • The Lacuna – Barbara Kingsolver, about which I’ve heard mixed reports, but I know it isn’t The Poisonwood Bible, so I’m prepared for anything
  • The Red Shoe – Ursula Dubosarsky
  • Notes from the Teenage Underground – Simmone Howell 
  • And Bleak House. Just because.


  • Teddy Tahu Rhodes in The Marriage of Figaro
  • Firefly on DVD
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1) about which I feel better as the distance between us grows. 

The sixth HP film was always going to be slightly problematic, since it is largely about the trio and their quest/conflicts, without the usual ensemble, and all the big battles will be in the final instalment. But it really does work, not least because the three main actors are now so much better than they were when they were younger.
I’ve heard numerous stories of small children sobbing in the cinema. It’s not a little kids’ film by any stretch of the imagination – please, if your kid is not old enough to read the book without help, don’t take them to the movie.

Of course I’m writing my PhD novel. But also making scribbles for a sort of fantasy something.
And doing last minute proofing things to Act of Faith, which is now coming out in July.

What do you think?

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