List of lists

The time for best book lists is here.
Here are just a few:
Publishers’ Weekly (US) includes Patti Smith (which I still can’t find anywhere) and [sigh] Freedom. This is the test for each list – does it include Freedom?

Anis Shivani at the Huffington Post calls it one of the year’s several notably “ponderous, bloated, eminently editable books”. He prefers Orhan Pamuk.

Closer to home, the Fairfax papers asked a whole lot of clever people what they liked. Christos has discovered Margaret Yourcenar. Colm Toibin loved David Malouf’s Ransom. And Geraldine Brooks adored- surprise, surprise – Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel.

The Guardian did the same thing, with rather more mixed results: Philip Hensher loved Freedom. Can  that be right?

Finally, The Daily Beast added up the votes and came up with a list of lists – with Room at the very top, which is splendid. This list saves you having to read all the others. Nice.

Wolf Hall. No contest.

What do you think?

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