Book crafting

HarperCollins is finalising the internal design of Act of Faith and come July, even if I do say so myself, it’s going to look gorgeous.

It has to, really, because it’s a book about books; about printing and publishing and defending beautiful crafted books. Mind you, plenty of publishers wouldn’t put the effort into it for a paperback.

But the designer, Jane Waterhouse, publisher, Lisa Berryman, and I spent hours last Friday choosing 16th century Venetian and Dutch printers’ devices such as colophons and frontispieces from the wondrous Sticht collection of the State Library of Victoria (which is also where I work a few days a week).

These will adorn the front matter and chapter openers. I just can’t tell you how appropriate it is, on so many levels, because you haven’t read the book yet.

But you will. Won’t you?

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