Social media for writers and readers

Here are some of the platforms and examples used in my workshops on social media for writers and readers.


Twitter hashtags:
  • #ewf12
  • #aww2012
  • #1book140

Facebook pages and groups:




Blogging platforms:

  • WordPress (easy to use, can add functions)
  • Blogger (simple, Google product)
  • Tumblr (simplest of all, great for images)

Readers’ resources:

Management tools:

Here are the slides from the sessions:

4 thoughts on “Social media for writers and readers

  1. Hi Kelly. I really enjoyed the session on Saturday. You mentioned a program that blocks / discourages your access to the internet as scheduled times of the day – could you remind me of the name??

    • Hi,
      My pleasure. I use Chrome Nanny which is an extension for the Google browser Chrome. You can set it to block access to certain sites and specific times/days (or completely).
      Thanks for coming along,

  2. Hi Kelly,

    I attended your session on social media for writers & loved it, thank you.
    I’m a third year Communications & Professional writing student at Victoria University. I have seen social media positions advertised & I’m interested:) Just wondering where I could go to gain experience that could equip me with the skills I’d need to consider applying for sm roles.

    I appreciate you taking the time to read my comment/question.


    • Hi Norma,
      There are lots of short courses and workshops you can do – most of them focus on social media as a marketing tool, as will a lot of the positions advertised.
      I think you can learn an awful lot just by researching, reading and doing it. You’ll figure out very quickly how to best use each tool. But there is also a lot of rubbish written and spoken, so I suggest you follow someone sensible like Laurel Papworth ( or @SilkCharm) who writes good practical stuff and also runs courses from time to time. Follow people she recommends and watch what they all do.
      The other route people take is to offer to do an internship – I’m never quite sure how I feel about that idea, since it’s free labour, but if you do it for an organisation you care about and to which you’d like to donate some time, that’s a great way of working with other people who are using these tools in a professional sense, and planning campaigns or tactics on a daily basis.
      Good luck! Let us know how you go.

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