Field notes

As many of you know, I like to log my research as I go: photos, thoughts, findings, questions, amazing historical discoveries, crazy moments when I think I’ve discovered something but haven’t – all the delights of the historical novelist’s process.

This is especially true when I’m on the road, which I am about to be.

So I’ve started a new blog on which I’ll post findings about several projects all at once, because I have so many stories going around in my head at present that I can’t possibly have a blog for each.

It’s called Field Notes and it’s over on tumblr.

I’ll still post general thoughts about writing and reading here as always, and cross-link when appropriate.

Confused? Oh, you just wait.

I’m about to fly to England, then Ireland, then back to England, then Flanders, then Paris, then home. And while I’m there I will be researching material and sites for:

  • 1917 (a book for young readers set in … you guessed it)
  • War Songs (a novel for adults, which I’m redrafting, also set in World War 1)
  • Fire Watcher  (a series of historical fantasy novels for young readers, set in London)
  • Sublime (a travel narrative)
  • Various other features and shorter pieces.

So stand by for photos and posts on everything from Irish pirate queens to war graves. And you never know, there might be a bit of future Isabella Hawkins work to do, and possibly a visit to Bletchley Park. It will be hectic.

By the way I have source books for most of my projects over on Pinterest if you’d like to snoop around and see where my imagination is heading.

Oh, how I love this bit! Except for the four hundred hour flight (well, that’s how it feels, right?).

But don’t forget – before I’m allowed to leave the country, I’m appearing at the Melbourne Writers Festival on Friday 29 August at 10am. Details here.


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