Reviews: Act of Faith

‘In the world of contemporary young adult fiction, Act of Faith runs against stereotype… A fine book for the classroom, especially at a time when religious tolerance, and tolerance of religion, is at a depressing low… a work of scholarship as well as a work of fiction.’


‘A good read for lovers of books and historical adventure stories.’

Magpies journal

‘Highly recommended… It is fast paced and the intriguing and well researched detail of life on the Continent in the 17th Century will be enjoyed by readers.’

– ReadPlus

‘Gardiner’s understanding of the time period makes the story clear and interesting. She also has a great style of writing, where she doesn’t dwell on things for too long and adds humour and a sense of reality to the story. Each character is well developed – by the end I felt like we were old friends. I really enjoyed this book and I would love to see it made into a movie.’

Tearaway magazine

From the blogs:

‘Lofty writing and a superb historical novel.’
– Bob Docherty

‘The novel is expansive and impressive, and with Gardiner’s eloquent words and literary flair she acts as fictional tour-guide – breathing life into these cobblestoned walkways and Ghetto communities… a divine story, dripping in history and delivering a wonderful message of freedom, loyalty and bravery.’
– The Alpha Reader

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