Portrayals of La Maupin

Julie d’Aubigny has been portrayed many times in fiction, on stage and on screen – though never in opera (yet!) so far as I know.

Here are some of the main portrayals of the woman known as Mademoiselle de Maupin.

On stage

1839 La Maupin, ou, Une vengeance d’actrice: comedie-vaudeville en un acte. One act comedy by Charles Labie and Joanny Augier. Published by Mifliez, Paris. ( In French.)

2003 “Strumpet Voluntary” in Blood and Beauty: 12 Combat Plays for Women by Terry Kroenung. Published by iUniverse.

2004  Mademoiselle de Maupin.  Ballet by the New York-based company DanceGalaxy.

2012 The Duellist. Play by Steven Burley with music by Paul Shilton. Performed at the SpringWorks festival, Ontario Canada.


1835 Mademoiselle de Maupin by Théophile Gautier. First published by Charpentier, Paris. (In French, but with numerous translations into English and other languages.) Based on the idea of La Maupin, rather than her real life, and one of the great books of the Romantic generation.

1980 Amande  by Henri Evans. Published by Loisirs, Paris. (In French.)

1985 La petite Maupin (sequel to Armand) by Henri Evans. Published by Loisirs, Paris. (In French.)

1995 Julie, chevalier de Maupin by Anne-France Dautheville. Published by J.-C. Lattes, Paris. (In French.)

Oh yeah, and then there’s…

2014 Goddess by Kelly Gardiner. Published by Fourth Estate/HarperCollins, Sydney. (In English)


On screen

1966 Madamigella di Maupin, film. (In Italian.)

2004 Julie, chevalier de Maupin, television mini-series. (In French, based on Dautheville’s novel.)

Forthcoming La Maupin, an animated film by Katie Elle and Paul Fleer.


Image of Sarah Biasini

Sarah Biasini in the French TV series Julie: Chevalier de Maupin



There are hundreds of short pieces, especially in nineteenth century magazines, opera histories, and encyclopedias of performance and of fencing. Here are the most influential books, book chapters, and biographical entries in encyclopedias. I have published a more extensive bibliography on academia.edu.

In French:
1756 Parfaict, François, Parfaict, Claude. Dictionnaire Des Theatres De Paris: Contenant Toutes Les Pileces Qui on Ete Repreeesentees Jusqu’la Present Sur Les Differens Theatres François & Sur Celui De L’academie Royale De Musique, Les Extraits De Celles Qui Ont Ete Jouees Par Les Comediens Italiens. Vol. 3 Paris: Lambert.

1775 De La Porte, Abbe and Clément, J.M.B. Anecdotes Dramatiques. Paris .

1819 Lathy, TP, and Cox and Baylis. Memoirs of the Court of Louis XIV: Comprising Biography and Anecdotes of the Most Celebrated Characters of That Period. With Splendid Embellishments. London: Matthew Iley.

1850 Fetis, François-Joseph. “Maupin (Mlle) Cantatrice, Sa Biographie.” Revue musicale, 344 – 46.

1856 Escudier, Marie and Léon “Vie Et Aventures Des Cantatrices Célèbres ; Précédées Des Musiciens De L’empire ; Et Suivies De La Vie Anecdotique De Paganini “. Chap. pp 96-105 of 380. Paris: E. Dentu.

1877 Campardon, E.  L’academie Royale De Musique Au Xviiie Siecle: Documents Indits De Couverts Aux Archives Nationales. (Da Capo Press Music Reprint Series. Da Capo Press Reprint ed. 2 vols New York: Da Capo Press, 1971.)

1904 Letainturier-Fradin, Gabriel. La Maupin, 1670-1707, Sa Vie, Ses Duels, Ses Aventures. Paris: E. Flammarion.

In English:
1864 Clayton, Ellen C. “Early French Singers — Marthe Le Rochois—La Maupin.” In Queens of Song. New York: Harper.

1910 Stoker, Bram. Famous Imposters. New York: Sturgis & Walton.

1928 Rogers, Cameron. Gallant Ladies. New York: Harcourt, Brace.

1932 Gilbert, Oscar Paul. “Mademoiselle Maupin: Swashbuckler and Operatic Star.” In Women in Men’s Guise London: John Lane.

1983 Pitou, Spire. The Paris Opera : An Encyclopedia of Operas, Ballets, Composers, and Performers. 3 vols. Vol. 1, Westport: Greenwood Press.


There are many more biographical pieces of all sizes. But have I neglected to list any portrayals on stage or screen? Any novels? Do tell.

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