I trust you you say looking away looking at your
hands over my shoulder anywhere I’ll go anywhere
with you everywhere can we go everywhere around
the world together I’d give anything I’ll cope
with anything if we’re together and you don’t leave me
you won’t will you I’d die I’d rather die.

I won’t drink tonight I say opening the fridge
door for a look I’ll just see what’s in here
for dinner yes I’ll make dinner no you relax I
won’t be long I won’t have a glass while I’m cooking
who needs wine with dinner anyway I’m no
alcoholic I can not drink for one day anybody can
do that if you couldn’t you’d be an alcoholic for sure
but me I haven’t had a drink all day and I
haven’t even noticed so what the hell it’ll be
all right if I just have one now.

I’ll be there in a minute I’m just doing something
and then I’ll pay attention I’ll just read War and Peace
and then let’s talk about Yugoslavia* or some
thing really topical this is an intellectual fucking
relationship you know of course I find you fascinating
of course I love you of course I won’t leave you
I’m perfectly happy I’ve just got something on my mind.

* Shows you how old this poem is – insert Darfur or more recent atrocity

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