Apologies if the blog is flickering before your eyes. I’m sick of the sight of it and playing with background colours. I’m also sick of the sight of those 216 bloody websafe colours, though, so I keep changing my mind. I’ve abandoned websafe now. Such a renegade.
Still, a change is apparently as good as a holiday.
I’ve never really held with that. I’d rather be in Morocco.
Been on a short story blitz this week. Last week I was pondering the sad state of my mind, and wondering why I never have any ideas for short fiction. This week I’ve written two pieces, with another on the way.
No idea what I’ll do with them, but that’s beside the point.

2 thoughts on “Flicker

  1. I’ve settled on blue. Do you like it?My girlfriend will think that’s hilarious. “What a surprise,” she’ll say. “How on earth did you choose?”Put it this way – I’m sitting here working on my blue laptop, in a blue jacket and blue trousers. Beside me is a blue mousepad and one of many blue pencils.Later I’ll get into my favourite blue pyjamas. Crawl into blue bed linen.It doesn’t seem to matter what colour I try. It always turns out blue.Oh I just realised I also have a blue deskchair. And blue slippers on.But the ocean’s blue. So the blog can hardly be pink, now, can it?

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